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  • Medium. He conveys the messages of the highest level of the spirit world (e.g. Hermes, Buddha, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Virgin Mary, Saint Germain). Thanks to this he sees clearly the lies about the past, the deceit we live in, and the probabilities of what is waiting for us in the future.
  • Factfinder. He reveals to us the true history of humanity that has been hidden from us.
  • Healer. He has been given the power of the spirit world. With the Matrix Drops Protocol system, he gave back the health of hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Inventor. With his inventions of the Matrix Drops information remedies, and the Matrix Drops Computer, he guides humans, animals, and plants back to their perfect state of health, and ensures our survival.
  • Spiritual teacher. In his “School of Awakening to Self-Consciousness” András teaches how to become a medium and communicate with the spirit world.

András has been successfully curing psychosomatic diseases for several decades. He became aware of, that our soul-related struggles are often caused by obsessing spirit entities or curses.

András is able to command the dead souls and spirits trapped between different realms, and he has freed thousands of people from spiritual obsession. He can also neutralize the effects of spells and curses sent out by people who practice black magic, through which he has already helped hundreds of people whose life turned into a catastrophe by those events.


The 3000 different Matrix Drops Information remedies carry the information patterns that create the elements and their compounds that make up the world and man. The information patterns are programmed to water with a quantum physics device. The body can easily take the information from water, which then reaches all our cells and subtle body fields.

Dissolving the Information Disorder behind the following Problems with Matrix Drops

Some examples: Anxiety, Infertility, Gingival Atrophy, Gray Hair, Immune System Disorders, Iron Deficiency, Anemia, Menopause, Hot Flashes, Climacteric, Menstrual Problems, Period Problems, Panic, Premature Ejaculation, Shame, Sleep Disorder, Stress, Stage Fright, Osteoporosis, Vomiting during Pregnancy, Genital Discharge Vitamin D, Vitamin C malabsorption, Cysteine and Carnitine amino acid malabsorption, Melatonin, Adrenalin, Serotonin hormone disorder

Eliminating heavy metals and toxins

With cold fusion, living organisms can not only create but also eliminate substances from the body, such as toxins and heavy metals. Some examples: Aluminum, Nickel, Zinc, Cadmium, Uranium, Arsenic, Radium, Graphene oxide, Lead, Copper, Titan, Barium.


Get connected to your Spiritual Consciousness

So far, only a few selected mediums have had access to the intuitive field of consciousness. With the help of the Matrix Drops Computer (quantum computer), this opportunity has opened up to everyone. Anyone awakened to self-awareness clearly sees deceptions and manipulations in all areas of life.

Matrix Drops Computer detects on information level causes that can culminate in future physical problems before symptoms would appear.

  • Detects information disorders behind chronic and autoimmune diseases (eg Alzheimer’s, diabetes, autism, cancer, circulatory, digestive, and skin problems)
  • Projects probable consequences of viral, bacterial, fungal infections, heavy metal load, exposure to radiation, as well as a damaged RNA or DNA, on physical and mental level
  • Reveals geopathic stress – biological stress caused by underground water streams and Hartmann-zones that trigger degenerative processes
  • Reveals influence of entities, ghosts, hexes, curses – these phenomena trigger fear, addiction, and other behavior or personality disorders.

The guiding principles of the great ancient cultures were alchemy, magic and communication with the spirit world. This beautiful, dreamlike world has been shattered by technocratic ideologies. Spiritual unconsciousness has gripped all of humanity. Today’s deceived, misled man cannot distinguish between the two great spiritual forces that rule our world: True God and Satan.

The main task of our time is to understand the role and quality of evil. It is best for demons if people live unaware of their existence. Satan fears that one day someone will come and reveal his dark identity. We must not be afraid of the dark side, but we must recognize and control it in situations.

By learning from András Kovács-Magyar and using the Matrix Drops Computer, the obscured spiritual consciousness can be awakened. A person who has awakened to his spiritual self-awareness can change his spoiled life processes, and also physical problems can be cured more easily.


Csaba Vida and his company Brilliant Water represent the spiritual teachings of András Kovács-Magyar, and the system of Matrix Drops, around the world.

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